How Can We Prepare Kids For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet?

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13:15–14:00, Thursday, 22 March 2018 Room C2, ITU Tower Thematic Workshop Speakers/Panellists  Link to WSIS Action Lines  Link to SDGs  Summary Document  Related Links 

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New Educational Approaches for the New Economy

Our dynamic economy requires an iterative approach to education - one that continuously evolves and ensures that our children are well equipped for the new economy.

Cryptocurrencies, 3D-printing, circular economies including reusable space rockets, and the Internet of Things are just few of the emerging technologies that will change the world -  both for us and especially for the next generation.

So what kind of education is required to prepare our children for the future?

At IT STEP Academy we believe we have the answer. Our systems from the backend structure to the children facing instructors is designed with this approach - always improving - always evolving.


Vitalii Varbanets, Chief Innovations Officer, IT STEP Academy


Ms. Olga Strietska-Ilina, Senior Skills and Employability Specialist, International Labour Organization.

 Mr. Stephan Wirtz, Adjunct professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, EM Lyon, Shanghai Campus, Geneva Business School.

Ms. Olga Sokolik, Founder,

Mr. Tristan Jaquier, R&D and pedagogy Manager, Futurekids.


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  • AL C4 logo C4. Capacity building

Education for Children and Capacity Building for organisations are two interlinked topics. We will speak about education approaches needed to ensure the most efficient capacity building for the future economy.

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  • Goal 4: Quality education logo Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

New technologies also make education accessible and inclusive. However, only technology cannot be transformative. We also need transformative pedagogy.


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