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More than half of donations that fund the operation of charities today is based on cash. By 2021 only 27% of transactions will involve coins or notes, creating a huge funding problem for organizations that are trying to do good in this world and step into the gaps left between governments and businesses. The GoodBox project is transforming the charitable giving and fundraising landscape by digitising the coin collection box to help charities transition to a cashless economy. The smart collection box is supplemented by a one-stop complete service that connects donors to charitable causes in an easier way than ever before. GoodBox not only increases donation revenues in a sustainable way but also significantly reduces the overall cost of fundraising which today can consume up to 45% of the amounts raised. All of this is a huge boost to charities, enabling them to go further in their mission to make world a better place. We are a UK limited company dedicated to helping charities and the non-profit sector drive efficiencies in fundraising by harnessing the latest technologies. We work tirelessly to deliver simple, affordable and practical fundraising solutions. Our core product delivers a simple means for Charities to engage in fundraising via contactless giving. In an ever-growing cashless society we are working hard to ensure that valuable revenue streams to the non-profit sector are preserved.
National implementation: United Kingdom
Ongoing from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2021
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