East African Common E-marketplace

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Burundi Shop
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East African Common E-marketplace
EAC E-marketplace
EAC E-marketplace is an East African online distribution center project aims to connect small businesses and rural communities to local, regional and international markets online but also via physical network of agent. The East African Common E-Merketplace project is an online One–stop shopping for products, business and related services including a Cross-border Payment gateway, a Door to door supply network (logistic services) and a Social network of Wide Agents assisting the registered suppliers to market and create awareness of their products (without need any infrastructure, know-how or additional investment) and buyers in buying goods or services. The Country wide agents is Burundi Shop’s appropriate e-commerce style designed in order to address many e-commerce constraints such as, Internet availability, know-how in using Internet and access to supply chain available presently only to large businesses, reducing risks and costs as well as setting e-commerce’s Trust between seller and buyer. Internet availability will no longer be a key e-commerce issue because Agents will be connected with full access (24/7) to EAC E-Merketplace platforms.
Regional implementation
  • Africa
Ongoing from 02/01/2012 to 02/01/2019
KCB Bank Burundi ImpalaPay Kenya Posta Burundi FedEx Burundi Burundi Federal Chamber of Commerce Gaspas Company Star Systems Burundi E-CompAct Burundi BIGAN Burundi SETIC Burundi WebDevLab Bulgaria OnlineDev France Burundi Bank Association 4 Local Universities including Public and private institutions Local and regional transport and logistic companies

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