UYAP Mediation Portal

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Ministry of Justice IT Deparment
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UYAP Mediation Portal
As an alternative solution to legal disputes, the mediation institution has been included in the legal proceedings in Turkey. Mediation can be used for any kind of dispute; there is no need to wait until a dispute results in a lawsuit and is sent to mediation by a judge. Pre-lawsuit mediation is becoming more widely accepted as a sensible way of resolving disputes before they turn into litigation. Besides being confidential and non-binding, mediation is relatively quick and inexpensive compared to litigating a dispute. The neutrality and more relaxed atmosphere of mediation may eliminate the desire to continue hostile litigation once both parties have seen all the issues in a fair light. With the use of the Mediation Portal, it has been ensured that the trial is carried out at least cost, quickly, reliably and transparently way of practice. The project is a citizen-oriented service served to the public from the government and so does not come for profit. This project is the only application in the world that provides mediation services in an electronic environment that can be accessed with mobile signature, electronic signature and e-government account.
National implementation: Turkey
Ongoing from 02/05/2016 to 09/01/2017

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