Bangladesh e-Government ERP

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Bangladesh Computer Council
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Bangladesh e-Government ERP
Objective of this projects is: 1. To start a pilot project for establishing a transparent and accountable e-Government system across whole of the Bangladesh Government; 2.To create an ERP solution using appropriate available platform for e-Government and using Local Resources that can be replicated to whole of the Bangladesh Government offices; 3.To develop the skill of the local ICT Industry by implementing e-Government system. : The establishment of Bangladesh e-Government ERP taking into account the whole of government solution approach will ensure utilization of the already established infrastructure for e-government. Furthermore with a much customized “Bangladesh e-Government ERP” developed from the proven robust Open Source license-free ERP solutions for the Bangladesh Government will create unique brand for the “Digital Bangladesh”. The local software industry will have the unique opportunity to learn to develop from the existing robust Open Source ERP Solutions and do deep customizations for the specific needs of the Bangladesh Government. A large number of IT/ITES companies will have the opportunity to work in various segments of this whole-of-the-Government ERP Solutions’ Value Chain spanning all the government organizations of Bangladesh. This experience will also help the companies to survive and compete in the global market.
National implementation: Bangladesh
Ongoing from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2018

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