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Colombia Una Nación Cívica Fundación CONCIVICA
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Previniendo La Vida
With the final purpose to manage that the students understand the action and measure of prevention that we have to take in a natural and tropic risk, is necessary that met the context making use of playful methodology, this work application playful sources apply didactic sources that help, teaching the prevention and management of risk. In this work, like appreciatory method of previous knowledge to built knowledge, will be made a test like Tipo Saber Pro, in the beginning and in the final of the process with the order to compare the obtain results. In an intermediate way will be realized simulations and will be design a virtual material making use of Power Point, this material present a summary about natural and tropic risk focus in risk like: Gales, Fire and Earthquakes, in addition will be include aspect related with the use of extinguishers, first-aid kit and first aid. Will be made didactic apps for the feedback contents making use of a game with questions and action sentences, which will allow in the students positive changes that will be reflect in the finals results, allowing conclude the successful app, the students and teachers , will feel identify, through the architectural elements that represent Africa, in addition the way like the information is expose that represent Africa, in addition the way how is expose the information for a better internalization of knowledge. The previous will motivate suggest the implementation of this material in different academic institutions.
Local implementation: Colombia, Armenia, Quindio.
Completed from 02/06/2014 to 01/06/2015
Gestión Integral Agropecuaria GIA SAS

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