The Prime Ministry Communication Center

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The Prime Ministry Communication Center
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The Prime Ministry Communication Center
The Prime Ministry Communication Center (BIMER) is an important project that has been come to in effect in 2016 with a new version as an electronic public service tool where the public administration can apply for the right to petitions and right to information from anywhere in the country. Applicants to be made to the Prime Ministry with BIMER are accepted all around the country and the applications are made to be delivered to the related public institutions rapidly. In addition to these, it is aimed to provide the answer to the applicants as soon as possible, to warn the relevant units in case of delay, to receive statistical reports and to provide supervision from the center. Applicants who want to make electronical application, can apply via “” which is our web site or can use e-government system. Applicants also can apply via ALO 150 telephone line with orally, go to the application offices of the Ministry, the Governor's Office and the District Governorships in person, or posting letter or fax. Approximately 6.000 applications are made in BIMER every day, and about 80.000 public personnel are working in the whole country. Considering when it is taken into account that 92% of the applications were received over the internet and 60% of these applications were made using mobile phone; BIMER provides significant financial savings to the public.
National implementation: Turkey
Ongoing from 23/08/2016 to 31/12/2019

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