e-Magazine Development at Schools for Smart Community Districts in Malaysia

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Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
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e-Magazine Development at Schools for Smart Community Districts in Malaysia
Over the years, schools in Malaysia always face the challenge in financing the annual magazine due to a limited budget allocation. School's annual magazine which is usually published by the school with graphic layout and printing done by a private company and usually financed by the students themselves when they make a purchase. As cost for printing becomes more expensive, and as community advertising and sponsorship becomes scarce, the burden of deficit in funds to publish an annual magazine have to be either borne or shared by the schools and Parents/Teachers Association. Another reason is due to the rapid adoption of digital technology, Malaysian schools is facing different challenges in dealing with digital native students. This new generation are less attracted to conventional printing material while at the same time look forward for more interactive content. Therefore, the initiative came to train and drive teachers and students to create an interactive digital magazine as their school's annual publication.
Local implementation: Malaysia, Kota Belud, Lundu, Putrajaya
Ongoing from 01/01/2017 to 30/01/2018
National Book Council of Malaysia Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd Lundu District Education Office Kota Belud District Education Office Putrajaya Federal Territory Education Department Lundu District Office Kota Belud District Office Putrajaya Corporation

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