e-Daara of Thieyetou - Internet au cœur du village

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e-Daara of Thieyetou - Internet au cœur du village
e-Daara of Thieyetou project has installed in Thieytou's primary school an open Internet connection shared through Wifi and an opensource online school management software linked to a website so the teachers can follow the progression of their pupils. 200 family members are now regularly accessing to the Internet. 20 teachers are accessing to online academic resources. An autonomous solar kit is supporting the power needs of the open classroom.15 students have been trained for deployment and administration of online management systems for schools. 5 Villages are willing to get access to similar collaboration. The project helped to achieve a 15% augmentation in pupils average grades. e-Daara of Thieyetou was funded by Internet Society Beyond the Net Funding Programme which mission is to provide open, secure Internet access for all.
Local implementation: Senegal, Thieyetou
Completed from 01/07/2016 to 30/09/2017

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