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Oral History of the Internet
To celebrate the first 50 years of the Internet, CyberLabs has launched the Oral History of the Internet (OHI), recording and preserving the personal narratives of global Internet Pioneers’ extraordinary contribution to the internet development. By 2019, OHI should have interviewed 500 Internet Pioneers around the world. A 50-episode TV series, documentaries and books will be produced based on the video interviews. The OHI, which started first in China in 2007, has interviewed nearly 200 Internet Pioneers who mostly come from Asia, Europe and the United States. The OHI will also go to interview those from Africa, Mid-East and Oceania. The mission of OHI is “Recording the first 50 years of the internet so to embrace its next 50 years”. The OHI will thus build a virtual monument that is committed to documenting personal narratives from the Internet Pioneers who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of the internet around the world. OHI was launched by CyberLabs, a think tank devoted to recording and preserving the internet history, which has started the project first in China since 2007. As the internet is facilitating unprecedented, multi-faceted interactions around the world, OHI goes global by video recording oral testimonies from the worldwide Internet Pioneers about their extraordinary contributions to the development of the internet in their own countries or fields. And furthermore, the project intend to build a website for ordinary people around the world to upload and share their own oral history stories about the internet.
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United States of America
Planned for future from 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2025
Shantou University, Beijing Internet Association, Blog China, China EU, Cpmputer History Museum, Internet Archive

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