The Fundacion Telefónica Mobile Classroom

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Fundacion Telefonica del Peru

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The Fundacion Telefónica Mobile Classroom
The Fundacion Telefónica Mobile Classroom project is a comprehensive approach to children’s education that seeks to improve it through technology. It consists of a portable station that functions as a content server, educational resources, and tools such as computers, a multimedia projector and a printer. In addition, it includes a technological training and accompaniment plan for teachers. In this manner, if not all children in Peru have access to educational innovation in their communities, educational innovation will come to them on wheels with the Fundacion Telefónica Mobile Classroom. Is an original approach to education that gathers knowledge from Fundacion Telefonica projects and responds to the needs of educational institutions in rural and semi-urban areas. It is also an effort that links the public and private sectors in a partnership that makes it possible, for example, to officially certify up to 300 academic hours of the work done by teachers who train and make use of available resources. The overall project design and that of its components was defined with efficiency criteria: • With regard to the equipment, the Fundacion Telefonica Mobile Classroom station complements the technology distributed by the Peruvian government, incorporating the necessary elements so that XO laptops already in the schools could be used • Is a very economical adaptation of similar, high-cost equipment • The educational model is incorporated in the dynamics of the school, ensuring that the products created by teachers are used in their classes.
National implementation: Peru
Ongoing from 06/01/2013 to 31/12/2017
Fe y Alegría IEP - Instituto Estudios Peruanos TED - Telefonica Educación Digital Dirección Regional de Educación - DRE del Cusco Dirección Regional de Educación - DRE de Puno Gerencia Regional de Educación - GRE de Arequipa Gerencia Regional de Educación - GRE de Lambayeque. Unidades de Gestión Educativa Locales - UGEL´s ( 01,02,04,05,06,07) correspondientes a los distritos de Lima Metropolitana. Hospital San Juan de Dios (Lima). Hospital San Juan de Dios (Chiclayo). Hospital Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplasicas. Hospital Regional Docentes "Las Mercedes" de Chiclayo, Hospital Cayetano Heredia (Lima), Hospital el Carmen (Huancayo), Hospital Regional de Loreto (Loreto). Hospital San Juan de Dios Arequipa. Hospital San Juan de Dios Cusco. Instituto Salud del Niño. Asociación Enseñas Perú.

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  • Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
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