Practical guide for online child protection

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Ministry or post , Télécommunication ,Technologies and Digitization
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Practical guide for online child protection
The guidebook is for parents, guardians and educators, it has been developed to increase awareness and provide clear and understandable information regarding the children online protection, the risks to which children may be exposed and the actions that parents and educators can undertake to protect and help children understand how to take better advantage of ICT while minimizing the dangers. In Algeria, access to the Internet is constantly growing "home network", in addition to the emergence of 4G that makes internet accessible to the greatest number, bringing innumerable benefits for children. However, the risk of online violence is growing along with the exponential growth of ICT use. To this end, it is necessary to reinforce the capacities to fight against this scourge through the construction of a chain (actions) of protection of the children on Internet, and to define measures, Legal , educational, technical, organizational and measures of awareness, inspiring from the good practices around the world.
National implementation: Algeria
Ongoing from 01/06/2016 to 01/03/2018

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