National Emergency Service 999

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ICT Division, Ministry of Post, Telecom & IT
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National Emergency Service 999
999 National Emergency Service is a centralized 24/7 emergency support allowing any citizen within the country border to directly connect with the Police, Fire and Ambulance emergency responding teams on the ground, in order to get aid in an emergency state. Under the guidance of the ICT Division, Government of Bangladesh takes into account a ‘toll free’ easy-to-remember unique emergency number which readily helps citizens in the fastest and most effective way. With a clear vision of implementing a sustainable project, ‘999’ is an amalgamation of different channels- ideally building communication for information exchange. Having a call center with trained Officers alongside its’ website and mobile application integrated with Chatbot, ‘999’ essentially an aggregation of various technology platform, developed to serve best in the quickest way. Previously, the emergency service agencies- Police, Fire and Ambulance services operated independently. Through their collaboration and strong commitments the public service delivery made to the citizens substantially increased by connecting all emergency services in a single platform. Just by making a call to ‘999’ and also to receive relevant information now can be easily obtained from accessible web and mobile app. All services are subsequently followed up from the call center where Officers constantly ensures transparency and accuracy. It has been especially designed to immediately assist and empower the citizens towards a better living.
National implementation: Bangladesh
Completed from 01/03/2016 to 31/08/2017
Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense

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