E-learning in prison

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E-learning in prison
Epris is a e-learning project in prison, that results from a partnership between the Piaget Institute, the Portuguese Directorate General for Reinsertion and Prison Services and the Porto's Santa Casa da Misericordia. With a training component aimed at women prisoners and supported by digital resources, the project aims to promote the future social and labour inclusion. With the use of collaborative methodologies, the project integrates research and social intervention. EPRIS is an articulate, comprehensive and innovative project because it increases inmates’ lifelong learning opportunities by the adoption of new learning methods in an online interactive environment to promote lifelong learning. The objective is to bring inside prisons these specific learning approaches aiming to involve the target audience in effective training to develop basic skills (ICT, literacy and numeracy) and to contribute to their further social integration. The training program’s success, supported by the trainees’ acknowledgement of the personal and professional benefits of e-learning, seems to be associated with the fact that the team took into account the participants’ individual needs and personal characteristics. Resorting to integration processes that favoured the trainees’ involvement in all stages of the learning process was also very important, especially since it also demonstrated what ICT can offer in terms of learning in prison contexts. The results of this project have already contributed to the ongoing work of regulating Information and Communication Technologies for access to distance education in prisons, a direct impact in terms of decision making on education policies and social inclusion.
National implementation: Portugal
Ongoing from 20/01/2014 to 31/12/2018
General Directorate of Reintegration and Prison Services Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto

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