Transforming Manual Surface Maintenance Equipment into Autonomous Machine

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V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd
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Transforming Manual Surface Maintenance Equipment into Autonomous Machine
V3 brings 15 years of industry experiences in fleet and asset tracking and management, mobile workforce applications and transport scheduling and optimization spanning across logistics, municipal, construction, waste management and taxi services industry. Four years ago, in order to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and to stay ahead as the leading technology provider, V3 ventured into robotics and Internet-of-Things devices design and development to complement the company’s software development. We produce first of its kind Made-In-Singapore patented (Singapore Patent Application No. 10201402614Y) technology solution which transforms manual surface maintenance machines into an autonomous with intelligence system driven equipment.
Local implementation: Singapore, Commercial Building and hotels
Completed from 02/05/2016 to 02/10/2017

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