Federal Real Estate Program for the Deployment of Telecommunications Infrastructure

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Ministry of Communication and Transport
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Federal Real Estate Program for the Deployment of Telecommunications Infrastructure
The Federal Real Estate Program for the Deployment of Telecommunications Infrastructure (FREP) promotes the use of Government-owned real estate for the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure. The program enables telecom operators and infrastructure developers to lease public spaces all over Mexico, under non-discriminatory principles, to facilitate infrastructure deployment, decrease network deployment costs, and improve coverage and quality of service. The FREP was designed to promote the use of Government real estate; to eliminate bureaucratical procedures; and to establish standardized requirements, prices, non-discriminatory principles, and infrastructure sharing obligations, in order to facilitate network deployment. The program was launched on May 4, 2017, through an agreement signed by eight Federal Government agencies. The program is designed so that Federal, State and Local Governments may adhere the FREP. The expected impacts of the FREP are to reduce network deployment costs, to speed up the deployment of telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure, to encourage the sharing of infrastructure that is already installed, and to increase the coverage of telecommunications services. As of November 2017, the FREP includes a catalogue of more than 12,000 available properties for lease. This project will reduce costs to even ¾ lower than market prices and provide better services to end-users as a result of increased competition and the reduction of operators’ costs on structures derived from real estate and network infrastructure sharing.
National implementation: Mexico
Ongoing from 04/05/2017 to 01/01/2020

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