Digital Inclusion Pilot in Pahuatlán del Valle, Puebla

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Ministry of Communication and Transport
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Digital Inclusion Pilot in Pahuatlán del Valle, Puebla
The main objective of the pilot project is to evaluate the impact of the use of connectivity services to provide financial inclusion services in the rural areas north of the State of Puebla and to measure how the economic development of these zones is encouraged. One of the main impacts is that access to the Internet will strengthen the regional productive ecosystems through the reception of remittances, access to micro-credits for entrepreneurs as well as the exchange of information and success stories among the communities. Generating an easy scheme to replicate in communities that present the same challenges. The pilot plans to provide internet access to the sites where branches of the SMB Contigo community financial company will be opened. In order to provide services, it will be supported by a satellite operator (StarGo) who is committed to providing connectivity. For this, they will be provided with links of 20 Mbps of download and 3 Mbps of load. As the pilot passes, the bandwidth consumption will be analyzed by the operator to determine the point of break in the links that are provided. This will adjust the bandwidth required for each link without exceeding the original speeds with which it will be installed.
Local implementation: Mexico, Pahuatlán del Valle, Puebla
Ongoing from 15/12/2017 to 15/12/2018

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