Integrated Medical Information Analytical System of Moscow

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Department of IT of Moscow Government
Russian Federation

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Integrated Medical Information Analytical System of Moscow
IMIAS is a platform building uniform info-space of Moscow’s healthcare system. The key idea is to make free medical services more available and accessible, to improve their quality and convenience, to rid medical practitioners of paperwork, provide them with easy and convenient access to required information, and provide the management of medical institutions and industry leadership with a trustworthy and on-the-spot tool of analysis and effective management of the healthcare system. IMIAS, a unique system on global scale in terms of scope and rollout timeframes, covers all of the city’s outpatient facilities. Patients can make appointments with caregivers online, selecting least loaded clinics. Doctors issue digital versions of sick lists, prescriptions, referrals, use electronic medical records. IMIAS helps medical institutions computerize management accounting, manage patient flows, plan human and other resources.
Local implementation: Russian Federation, Moscow
Ongoing from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2018

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