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K-12math.info Expansion
K-12math.info Expansion helps anyone involved in elementary and secondary school mathematics by providing an easy way to locate resources, definitions, content development, examples, practice activities, homework, and enrichment activities done by the best developers we have now. At the present time the ever growing website provides over 150,000 pieces of information and in the last year has doubled the number of links on 1000 of the most common terms and concepts used in many elementary and secondary school mathematics textbooks series (Many United States state adopted textbook series, Bangladesh, and other series). In the last 8 years OER and Open Access materials (CK-12, CNX/ Siyavula, Khan Academy, AAAKnow, and others) have been added. K-12math.info Expansion in the last year has doubled the number of OER links with the addition of A+ Click, PBS LearningMedia, Singapore Math, and other elementary and secondary school mathematics projects’ materials. While this 5 star Merlot open access educational resource website maintains its goal to provide information; and maintain an easy to use user interface; efforts are being made to explore how new math programs can be developed. Global interest continues (Google’s Analytics shows that 73% of users where from outside of the United States).
Local implementation: United States of America, California
Ongoing from 01/08/2005 to 01/12/2020

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