Telemedicine: Health services from the periphery to the center

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Governmet of San Luis Province
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Telemedicine: Health services from the periphery to the center
San Luis Digital Agenda has led to the development and innovation in different areas, especially in Health, where the Government of San Luis, by means of the SALUD 3.0 (HEALTH 3.0) policy, has managed to connect every hospital and health center of the public sector at 1000 Mbps and has maximized the digitalization of the sector with several projects, among which is “Telemedicine.” Telemedicine provides health care to the population in remote areas where access to health services is difficult. Nowadays, telemedicine is a tool that improves the quality of health services and allows the integration of different parts of a health system, improving efficiency, optimizing resources and rationalizing expenditures. Pilot tests for the implementation of a provincial-wide telemedicine system were initiated in 2016. Teleconsultations are focused on the monitoring and care of patients with Chagas disease. The project currently covers 23 hospitals of the public system with different levels of complexity, transforming the project into one more service within the health care offer: the teleconsultation service for medical specialties.
Local implementation: Argentina, San Luis province
Ongoing from 15/03/2016 to 31/12/2027

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