RJIL FTTx Pilot Network

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Huaxin Consulting CO., LTD
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RJIL FTTx Pilot Network
The project, RJIL FTTx Pilot Network, covers over 280,000 households in India, provides 100 Mbit/s broadband access service for each customer, and greatly improves the local connectivity. At the same time, this project formed a set of FTTx network construction specifications applicable to the local conditions in India covering the entire project life cycle, including planning, survey, design, construction, supervision and acceptance. While the project was implemented, the project team compiled training materials covering the whole process of FTTx construction for the local environment in India. The training material include classroom training and on-job training. Over 500 qualified FTTx engineers and 100 FTTx project managers were successfully trained in the training course. RJIL plans to invest 10 billion USD to build a pan-India FTTx network covering more than 40 million subscribers. This project has completed the technical reserve and talent pooling for FTTx network construction. The network construction mode and experience can be easily replicated to large-scale network construction. The project paved the way for the large-scale construction of the FTTx network in India and provided great experiences for other countries to replicate.
National implementation: India
Completed from 01/09/2014 to 30/09/2015

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