Emerging market entry-level terminal industry alliance

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HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd
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Emerging market entry-level terminal industry alliance
With the continuous growth of Mobile broadband worldwide and the continuous enrichment of digital services, the MBB services are the key drivers of the digital economy. However, there still are a large number of subscribers in some developing countries that can’t afford a MBB terminal due to the price of MBB smart phones or other factors. The introduction of Emerging market entry-level terminal industry alliance promotes the new pattern of cooperation between entry-level terminal makers and operator’s, in which, Huawei acts as the introducer of the alliance, the patterns. Operators can offer many 3G or 4G terminals provided by those phone makers which below $50 even $20 to the markets, which boosts MBB penetration ratio of and digital economy dramatically. It has now been successfully promoted in 6 regions in South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, and Latin America and so on. This project reduces the Emerging Market entry-level terminal price, allowing more people to connect mobile broadband through terminals and developed digital services. It greatly enriches people's life. With the increase of the number of mobile broadband users and digital services, the utilization of the network has been improved, the income of the operators is increased, and the development of the whole industry is promoted. The alliance helps guide the mobile communications department to reduce the tariffs on mobile terminals and to support the development of the communications industry; it has a positive support for both the economy and the surrounding industries.
International implementation
Ongoing from 01/01/2016 to 29/12/2017
Spreadtrum Communications; MediaTek

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