Intelligent supervision system of Heilongjiang wetland

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China Mobile Quantong System Integration Co., Ltd./China Mobile Communications Group Heilongjiang Co., Ltd.
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Intelligent supervision system of Heilongjiang wetland
The intelligent supervision system of wetland resources in Heilongjiang province provides an integrated application platform for wetland industry protection, including browsing, querying, statistics and analysis. The system is built in order to alleviate environmental problems and to actively response to National strategy. The project is also a great attempt to combine ICT technology with traditional natural resources to achieve the balance. The project aims to provide full time, full service integrated management; to provide the standard service interface for wetland related forestry business application system functions and services; to help the rapid establishment of a standardized and efficient information sharing; to provide the application platform of comprehensive display browsing, query, statistics and analysis in the wetland industry data for wetland protection industry before 2020 through the integrated use of geographic information services, integration technology, wetland resources data on all elements. In order to achieve real-time and dynamic monitoring and management of forestry resources, the project monitors the ecological environment in order to contain the ecological crisis. We should further monitor early warning events, support ecological actions and prevent ecological disasters. The model of this project can be migrated to other fields to better protect the environment.
Local implementation: China, Heilongjiang Province
Ongoing from 01/03/2017 to 31/12/2018

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