The salary tax e-booklet (electronic payroll tax booklet)

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State Revenue Service
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The salary tax e-booklet (electronic payroll tax booklet)
The salary tax booklet is a document providing information on tax calculations and deductions to every employee and to an employer on his employees. Since 01 June 2014 the electronic salary tax booklet (EPTB) has replaced paper salary tax booklets that were fully taken out of circulation. Every taxpayer uses this e-service of the State Revenue Service (SRS) [939440 physical and 209 552 legal persons - users of SRS Electronical declaration system]. The solution is integrated with other state information systems thus providing automated data linking. The implemented solution ensures fast and convenient information submission on dependent relatives, disability and other deduction reasons thus saving about 2.3 hours. According to the SRS Information System data, since 01 June 2014 more than 1 050 139 electronic requests on EPTB data change have been processed. This means that the SRS customers (physical and legal persons) saved more than 2 415 319 hours of their working time by using the mentioned solution.
National implementation: Latvia
Completed from 01/01/2013 to 01/06/2014
Exigen Services Latvia

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