China Telecom Medical Imaging Cloud and Applications (Imaging Cloud)

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China Telecommunications Corporation
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China Telecom Medical Imaging Cloud and Applications (Imaging Cloud)
"Medical Imaging Cloud" uses Cloud Computing, Big Data technology to analyze, compute, return, transmit and visualize the data in the medical imagine information database, then to form a standard imagine that meets medical treatment standard. It can help medical institutions to solve their problems such as saving, searching, acquiring and analyzing for patient's image data, multi-party participation and remote treatment, which can help to show advantages of high-quality medical resources and to improve the efficiency of medical services as well as the nature of science and accuracy of medical diagnosis. China Telecom deeply cooperates with Health and Family Planning Commissions and medical and health institutions at all levels. China Telecom developed and promoted the "Medical Imaging Cloud" platform in order to provide integrated applications of medical imaging, which include cloud services for medical image archiving and storage, clinical application, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), teaching practice, mobile remote image application and etc., to support real-time cross-regional remote consultation. This "Medical Imaging Cloud" platform from China Telecom is also famous for providing safe and stable service, it provides reliable guarantee to medical treatment and helps hospitals to innovate medical service modes by using multi-levels storage, so that it can help to improve efficiency and level of medical service, and to meet diversified and multi-leveled medical and health requirements from people.
National implementation: China
Planned for future from 01/07/2015 to 05/01/2017
25 provincial health and family planning commission and more than 900 accredited medical and health institutions

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