E-voucher systems: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions

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International Fund for Agricultural Development
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E-voucher systems: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions
1. Equity Bank (Kenya) Ltd (EBL) set up and operationalized the e-voucher platform through which farmers were able to access e-voucher package inputs. 2. The e-voucher beneficiaries accessed inputs through agro dealers who had been issued with POS (Point of Sale) devices by the bank for transactions 3. Eligible farmers are required to open a bank account with EBL and deposit their 10% contributions of the value of the e-voucher package for the first cropping season after which they are issued with customized and customized ring-fenced debit cards. 4. The cards are segmented into different e-wallets (seeds, fertilizers, hermetic bags & tarpaulins). Based on the validation and valuation of the e-voucher package, the eligible farmers and agro-dealers are informed of the date of the cropping season and sequence of the distribution of the inputs that each farmer needs to collect from their assigned/allocated agro-dealer in their County. 5. Certified crop seeds and basal fertilizers are the first e-wallet to be activated where farmers access the pre-determined quantities with their respective debit cards and later in the season, the farmers access the second e-wallet comprising top-dressing fertilizers and the post-harvest items (hermetic bags and tarpaulins) prior to harvesting of their produce.
National implementation: Kenya
Ongoing from 23/08/2015 to 31/03/2023
Government of Kenya, the European Union, IFAD, and Equity Bank

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