Electronic criminal case

Details of the organization
General prosecutor`s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan Committee for legal statistics and special accounts
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Information about the project
Electronic criminal case
The Republic of Kazakhstan pays special attention to the introduction of modern information technologies into the activities of law enforcement agencies. In 2017 they launched the pilot project on "Electronic criminal case", implemented on the basis of the information system "Unified register of pre-trial investigations". The project covers all stages of the criminal process in electronic format: registration, accounting, investigation, referral of criminal cases, and sentencing. The availability of criminal materials online completely excludes interaction between the participants in the criminal process, which reduces the risks of falsification and the loss of criminal cases. This project is of great social importance, since it ensures the transparency of the criminal process, guarantees the completeness and reliability of the criminal case materials and the maximum protection of the rights of citizens in the criminal process, which in the future will serve to increase citizens' confidence of the government.
National implementation: Kazakhstan
Ongoing from 08/01/2017 to 26/12/2021
General prosecutor`s office, Ministry of internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of information and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee of the Penitentiary System.

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