Web service evaluation and verification

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Iran telecom research center
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Web service evaluation and verification
Web Azma
Web Azma is a testing and evaluating laboratory, established in 2015 in Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC), with the aim of standardized quality assessment of ethnic IT-based services such as search engines, machine translators, emails, social services, etc. Within the 2 years of its activity, Web Azma has developed several automatic as well as human-based testing tools and platforms, using which, it has been continuously reporting quality assessment reports regarding web-based services supported by Persian Search Engine Program. Web Azma testing tools and platforms can be listed as follows: • Automatic testing platform for assessing the effectiveness of Persian text, image, video, and audio search engines as well as measuring the precision of English-Persian machine translators, • Automatic tools for evaluating the availability, response time, and capability of handling concurrent users for any web-based services, • A crowdsourcing platform, with more than 300 users, for designing and executing any kind of testing activity which requires human participation, • Analytical script-based tools for collecting and inferring several statistics about user engagements and their interactions with web-based services, • UI and UX evaluation platforms for UI/UX assessment of any web-based services. Using the above listed tools and platforms, Web Azma has executed several tests whose results have been published on official website of Web Azma (http://webazma.itrc.ac.ir). Moreover, several conference and journal papers have been published in domestic as well as international societies. Currently, the focus of the laboratory is on developing tools for quality assessment of intelligent advertising platforms as well as NLP services such as knowledge graph and tree bank.
National implementation: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ongoing from 22/12/2015 to 30/04/2018
search engine program Ministry of ICT

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