Ubiquitous Mobile System for Tele-monitoring Healthcare

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Nardjes Bouchemal
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Ubiquitous Mobile System for Tele-monitoring Healthcare
Ubiquitous Telemonitoring Healthcare refers to the disposition of any type of health services such that medical staff members (physicians, emergency workers, other healthcare providers, etc.) through mobile computing devices can access them and expect data to be made available. But generally, distributed computing through a handheld/mobile device has to be considered with carefulness because of the limited capabilities on these devices. In this project, we present a new system based on ubiquitous agents to assist telemonitoring employees, not only any-time and any-where but also on any-device. For that, we propose in this project an approach based on Ubiquitous Mobile Agent System. Its goal is to recognize medical staff devices; with the ability to migrate from one device to another. The system is composed essentially of Ubiquitous Mobile Agent (UMA) to assist monitor physician and Device Agents (DevA) embedded in each device. Its role is to collect and transmit the status device to UMA. In patient side, we proposed Patient Agent (PatA) to assist patient, collect information from sensors and assure communication with the monitor physician.
National implementation: Algeria
Ongoing from 01/09/2017 to 08/05/2018

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