SenzE : Eye Controlled Communicative Device for Paralyzed Patients

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Meditech Solution Co.,Ltd.
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SenzE : Eye Controlled Communicative Device for Paralyzed Patients
“SenzE” is the world first Eye Tracking System embedded with Thai software. Image Processing technique is employed, HD camera and IR sensor would detect the patient’s eye just look at and hold for 2 seconds in the desired position as enter command. The paralysed patient may communicate in manner which is grouped as my feeling, my needs, food and drinks and activities. Also the live chatting keyboard could be done by the patient and now supported in 18 languages with auto translation system to local language. Monitoring system through tablet or smart phone which helps doctor or caregivers tracking the patient in real time and we have Emergency Alert menu in emergency situation. SenzE Version 4 is also a complete entertainment device. The patient can surf internet Email , Facebook, Youtube, online TV, News , games, E-book, movies and e commerce. In addition, we also have SenzE Tablet Version which more convenient to use and portable.
National implementation: Thailand
Completed from 01/04/2013 to 01/02/2016
National Innovation Agency (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)