Massive Open Online Course: “How to understand the budget? The budget through its data”

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Ministry of Finance and Pubic Credit
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Massive Open Online Course: “How to understand the budget? The budget through its data”
For the last few years we have seen an huge increase in open data made available by different governments, though as we approach different spaces and talk to other government colleagues as well as civil society, we hear the same complaint of open data not reaching its full potential, wondering: how do we get the people to actually use the information that is being released? As expected, many of the final conclusions analyzing this problem led to the realization that, as simple as we have tried fiscal information to be through transparency initiatives, we still need to expand the group of people willing to use the data and understand the concepts to enhance its impact. Therefore we partnered up with SocilTic, a civil society organization, to develop a free Massive Open Online Course named “How to understand the budget? The budget through its data”. Its objective is to empower and build capacities in both, civil society and public officials, by using e-learning to level the field of understanding budget data. Through this new way of expanding knowledge opportunities and approaching significant topics, such as public expenditure, by offering an adequate orientation, didactic tools and contents in a straightforward language, we are able to create better communication lines and are able to observe more and better specialized analysis.
National implementation: Mexico
Planned for future from 15/03/2017 to 31/12/2019
The Federal Government of Mexico School of Data SocialTIC A.C.

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