Wireless Monitoring of a Photovoltaic System

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University of Bechar

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Wireless Monitoring of a Photovoltaic System
Wireless Monitoring
The aim of the paper to design and realise a hardware and software platform that allows to supervise remotely a solar installation system. Our task is to implement a supervision platform for a photovoltaic panel, this platform is provided with various sensors. The sensors are placed on a photovoltaic panel can be monitored remotely from a wireless connection with a PC. The supervision will be literally done by the hardware platform Raspberry Pi which receives the orders from a server via the web service web page. It is possible to visualize all the measurements from the various sensors in real time and store them every 10 minutes in a memory type SD as a database file placed on Raspberry Pi. Measurements done by python programming language, The database we will use for storage is SQlite. A google chart API graphical interface, displaying all the measured data relating to the photovoltaic installation. We used javascript/jquery/css to create interactive web pages. Development of our web application using nginx http web server. The problem considered in this paper can be summarized as follows: Given a photovoltaic system (in this case a photovoltaic panel) placed on the roof of a laboratory or distant to about ten meters How can we ensure the follow-up of this installation by the agent handling from inside the laboratory, without use outside moving, or expensive wiring. The solution adopted to this problem is really simple and cheaper, it involves associating a Raspberry Pi card with a WIFI module.
Local implementation: Algeria, Bechar-Ville2
Completed from 05/09/2017 to 05/10/2017

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