Bilingual Education E-learning Course - Brazilian Sign Language/ Portuguese

Details of the organization
National Institute for the Deaf (INES)
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Information about the project
Bilingual Education E-learning Course - Brazilian Sign Language/ Portuguese
The Bilingual Education E-learning course project aims to train teachers in the bilingual perspective (Brazilian Sign Language/Portuguese Language) considering linguistic and cultural particularities of deaf people. Course implementation was done in 13 universities spread all over the country, training 390 bilingual teachers per year. Moreover, we made the commitment of developing a digital database to preserve and disseminate several educational materials related to deafness. Developing the first virtual environment totally in sign language and innovative methodology to bilingual teaching materials construction, we intend to include deaf community in Brazil’s teaching systems. The project presents several innovations, among them some outstand: I) Creation of own work methodology to elaborate bilingual teaching materials with 19 stages to the material development divided in 3 steps (pre-production, translation and post-production); II) Development of a specific VLE for deafs’ education with total surfing through sign language and tools designed for this public (Mind Map, Personal Learning Environment, Glossary, Games, Learning Objetcs, Wiki, Semantic Web, Quiz); III) Future room – system of computerized tables that can be easily moved and grouped so that classroom space fits the proposed activities, where students can work collaboratively using the same computer screen.
National implementation: Brazil
Ongoing from 01/06/2017 to 01/12/2020
In 2017, project counts on 13 partner public institutions spread all over Brazil: - 10 universities (Amazonas Federal University, Ceará Federal University, Bahia Federal University, Grande Dourados Federal University, Rio Grande do Sul Federal University, Paraná Federal University, Paraíba Federal University, São Paulo Federal University, Pará State University, Lavras Federal University); - 3 federal institutes (Goiás Federal Institute, Santa Catarina Federal Institute, Deaf Education National Institute).

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