Open Government: Digital identity and Citizen portals

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Government of San Luis Province
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Open Government: Digital identity and Citizen portals
The digital inclusion infrastructure and policies implemented by the Provincial Government ensure access to multiple services for the well-being of all citizens. In 2007, the province of San Luis enacted Provincial Law No. V-0591-2007 on Digital Signature. This enabled the massive implementation of an electronic records management system in the three provincial authorities: the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. In addition to the removal of paper from the provincial public sector, the province of San Luis was dedicated to add the private sector to this initiative. Thus, licensed professionals from several fields are provided with a digital signature. The purpose of the Electronic Provincial Identity Card (CIPE) is to merge in a single card all the necessary data for the identification of a person, both physically and digitally. The CIPE was first issued in 2010, enabling online identification and digital signature by means of the included cryptographic chip. In March 2017, the CIPE was updated to the new CIPE 3.0 with NFC (Near Field Communication), technology which allows San Luis residents to digitally sign from mobile devices with this technology, enabling interaction between people, businesses and government. Currently, 79,000 CIPE 3.0 cards have been issued. Portal Puntano 3.0 is intended for all citizens and aims to enhance the use of new technologies to facilitate compliance with government procedures for all residents, and at the same time to serve as a guide for proceedings that a citizen must carry out before the Provincial Government and the Municipal authorities of adhering cities.
Local implementation: Argentina, San Luis province
Ongoing from 04/01/2016 to 31/12/2027

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