Digital records with digital signature for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches

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Government of San Luis Province
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Digital records with digital signature for the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches
Digital Signature
Within the framework of San Luis Digital Agenda, the Government of San Luis made the strategic decision to implement a document management system for electronic records with digital signature ( on a massive scale with the purpose of monitoring and providing support to all government records that reflect the management of all public and administrative acts, from the beginning of their processing to their completion, thus eliminating the use of paper files. The implementation was able to satisfy the needs and requirements of all provincial agencies in terms of registration, management, information, control and statistics, giving maximum transparency to all processes. The three provincial powers, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, have document management systems for electronic records with digital signature. 65 municipalities have implemented the same system, which allows on the one hand to have the same improvements as at the provincial level and the sending of the files are made with the same agility and transparency. Furthermore, the administration website allows citizens of San Luis to carry out administrative procedures remotely with digital signature. The province of San Luis is the first and only state in Latin America to have its central administration, the Judiciary and the Legislative Branch operating with digital file systems signed digitally by its civil servants, which has made it possible to streamline public management and reduce the use of paper.
Local implementation: Argentina, San Luis Province
Ongoing from 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2027
Legislative and Judicial branches

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