Digital inclusion of senior citizens, pensioners and beneficiaries of social plans

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Government of San Luis Province
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Digital inclusion of senior citizens, pensioners and beneficiaries of social plans
San Luis 3.0
Scientific consensus ensures that the world's population is aging at an increasing rate, which translates into a higher life expectancy at birth; the statistics indicate that a person in Argentina can live on average 7 years longer than the rest of the world's population; and it is projected that in 2040 18% of the population will be retired. All of this prompted the government of San Luis to launch a series of measures aimed at addressing this new and challenging scenario. The health of this age group, its social plans and its immediate inclusion in the digital world are the priorities of the government of San Luis in this aspect. That is why it launched the "AMA" Plan, which involves the construction of a hospital for people over 65 years of age and a residence with places for leisure and recreation (60,000 m²). It also ensured the continuity of the “Trabajo por San Luis" Social Inclusion Plan, giving it constitutional status to guarantee the right of a decent job to all men and women in need, especially those over 40 years of age. Five thousand of them have already received a Tablet for free. To promote the digital inclusion of senior citizens, a 7” tablet with WIFI connectivity, GPS and NFC technology was delivered. Eighty-two thousand tablets have already been delivered. All actions are focused on improving the quality of life of senior citizens using the technological tools made available to them by the provincial government with its inclusive policies.
Local implementation: Argentina, San Luis Province
Ongoing from 01/10/2016 to 31/12/2027

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