The Unified Biometric System

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PJSC Rostelecom
Russian Federation
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The Unified Biometric System
The Unified Biometric System (UBS) is a national digital platform that allows a remote identification of a person by his/her biometric parameters. The biometric system will be used in the entire territory of the Russian Federation and will enable citizens living in hard-to-reach areas, as well as people with disabilities to use digital services. A remote biometric identification with the aid of the Unified Biometric System will provide a safe chance to all citizens of the country to gain secure access to any digital services that require legally binding actions. The use of the System will fundamentally improve interaction between a person, business and the state. To ensure maximum protection and reliability UBS has a multimodal structure that allows application of different biometric parameters. There are two types of modality that are currently used - voice identification and digital impression of a person's face footage. In the future other elements of biometric identification will be introduced in the system which will make it possible to expand its application and increase the protection degree. At the initial stage the Unified Biometric System will serve banks and financial organizations, whereafter it will be used in healthcare (telemedicine), distance education, e-commerce, retailing, for receipt of state and municipal services, etc. Full-scale implementation of the Biometric System will make it possible to make a critical infrastructure for development of the country’s digital economy.
National implementation: Russian Federation
Ongoing from 25/01/2017 to 31/12/2027
The project provides for a multivendor, which means that actually any qualified biometrics vendor can participate in the project.

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