E-Government Project, egov.kz portal

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Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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E-Government Project, egov.kz portal
The e-Government Portal was launched in 2006. At the first stage, it contained the information and reference materials on public services. In the period 2007 to 2010, the e-Government infrastructure was created: e-Government Gateway, e-Government Payment Gateway, Public Key Infrastructure, government Intranet, national databases and government agencies’ information systems. The objective of the portal creation was to simplify the procedures for public services delivery to citizens under the one-stop shop principle. This is the single access point to all information resources of government agencies: an open dialogue with authorities, confidentiality, establishing the direct and feedback interaction of a citizen with government agencies. Currently, 237 services are active on the portal. On the portal, there are 7 million users registered. Top popular services are: ­Obtainment of abstract of residential address ­Obtainment of abstracts of the registered title/encumbrance to real estate and technical characteristics thereof ­Issuance of certificate of presence/absence of criminal records in the Legal Statistics & Special Recording Committee under General Prosecutor’s Office ­Putting the children of pre-school age (under 7 years old) in the waiting list for preschool organizations ­Obtainment of certificate of state registration of a legal entity, recording registration/re-registration of /branch or representative office thereof ­Issuance of certificates to the unemployed citizens
National implementation: Kazakhstan
Ongoing from 12/04/2006 to 01/01/2037
JSC "National information technology"

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