Fast Forward To ICT - A Path To Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

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Fast Forward To ICT - A Path To Sustainable Development and Economic Growth
This innovative technological - replicable program, which leverages the power of ICTs as an enabler of the sustainable development and economic growth, was designed to address the socio inequality rate, in which 80% of the children who are born to poor parent will remain poor for the rest of their lives: every 3rd child and every 4th adult in Israel are poor, as well as the disturbing reality in which 63.3% out the charity and social services beneficiaries still live in poverty, although part of them actually word (and being supported). Fast Forward To ICT mapped and addresses all the key road blocks that currently prevents young adults to effectively compete for economic opportunities, such as • accessibility to higher education in general and Exact sciences faculties specifically due to lack of professional guidance, lack of pre university standardized tests, lack of awareness to the significance of the choice of both faculty and institution and lack of economic ability to enroll to Academic preparatory program • Accessibility to the work force - Many low-income young adults who succeed in obtaining academic degrees face significant challenges when looking for employment. Even though they faced challenges related to their low socio economic starting point, they still lack the guidance and mentorship to find jobs in Israel’s relationship-based job market. Consequently, many talented young adults settle for low-level positions, often in non-professional fields. • Understanding of the work force structure and the ability to plan and execute an educational training plan and a career
National implementation: Israel
Planned for future from 01/01/2016 to 30/09/2027
JPMorgan Chase Foundation Citi The Claridge Foundation The Gandyr Foundation

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  • Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all
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