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Integrated Health System
Interconnected Healt
The health sector in Ghana faces significant challenges with speed, accuracy and reliability of medical treatment. There is duplication of patient records all across health facilities in the country, unavailability of consistent diagnosis, and self-diagnoses by patients. These events deny health establishments the opportunity to provide quality, real-time health delivery services, costs patients more money, and deprive policy-makers accurate and timely data for policy decisions. Furthermore, lack of an integrated system promotes self-diagnosis by patients because the infrastructure to provide official prescription from doctors, health facilities are non-existent. Hospitals also run out on medical supplies such as oxygen, blood and organ inventory, because there is no information sharing and information collaboration among hospitals and such facilities. All these are challenges faced in the health sector of Ghana because of the absence of connectivity in health sector infrastructure. Our solution is to integrate all existing infrastructure of health centers to share relevant information at each point of the health value chain. This would ensure that patient diagnosis and treatment are consistent with previous health status, pharmacists only sell prescribed drugs by health practitioners, health facilities can monitor inventory and request supplies from medical health suppliers with available inventory, and the ability to transfer health insurance across regions. In general, every citizen should have continuous healthcare anywhere in the country without frictions. We are determined to do this without imposing significant costs to the health facilities so they can continue delivering quality services.
National implementation: Ghana
Ongoing from 15/02/2017 to 01/03/2018
Ministry of Health, Ghana Health facilities Pharmaceutical companies Alternate health practitioners Medical Suppliers\

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