The Project for Young People Promoting ICT and Livelihood Skills Training

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The Project for Young People Promoting ICT and Livelihood Skills Training
The goal of the ICT Skills Project is to empower vulnerable young people in Livingstone, Zambia with skills on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and unlock their potential to address the social and economic challenges they face and to lead better lives. The ICT Skills Project will give young vulnerable people access and familiarity to the internet and to computer technology; train them on how to use digital technologies to find jobs, do business, participate in society and contribute to the local economy; provide them with a focussed approach to use ICT to develop agriculture and other entrepreneurial businesses Our objectives of the project -providing the access and training for vulnerable young people to have computer knowledge - enhancing Technology/Internet access for vulnerable young people to access to research, search for opportunities and better understanding of importance ICT for developmental projects -Training the vulnerable young people with skills to repair, restore and maintain computers` hardware and develop software for computer that will create jobs for the affected people - Providing entrepreneurship studies that will assist vulnerable young people to start up some businesses then create jobs to improve of livelihood of vulnerable young people and their communities - Providing access of the right of children to enjoy their right to access information, communication and have the access to the right technology to better their lives. - Creating a conducive environment for vulnerable young people to get involved socio-economic empowerment through agricultural activities to better their communities.
National implementation: Zambia
Ongoing from 15/08/2017 to 20/11/2020
- Local community - Individuals - New Hope Waves

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