Oncology Electronic Health Record (HCEO) - URUGUAY

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Oncology Electronic Health Record (HCEO) - URUGUAY
The Oncology Electronic Health Record (HCEO) is an information system developed and implemented at the initiative of the oncological health services of the University of the Republic, the oncological health services of Asociación Española and the Honorary Committee Against Cancer. It consists of an information system that contributes to improve the medical care of patients with cancer, by integrating the clinical information from all the organisations involved in the care process of these patients, regardless of their geographic location. The HCEO is a great tool for improving efficiency in the care of patients, as it gives the possibility of having adequate and timely information in due time and manner at the point of care, which makes evidence-based medical decision easier.
National implementation: Uruguay
Ongoing from 01/03/2011 to 31/12/2020

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