App da Pele - An adaptive diagnostic application for Skin diseases

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Cognizant Technology Solutions
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App da Pele - An adaptive diagnostic application for Skin diseases
'App da Pele' has been built on US-Trademarked 'Cognizant ClickHealth' platform for Remote Healthcare delivery, targeted towards people living in rural places. We married Cloud technology with Mobility while hosting the state-of-the –art adaptive algorithms. Take a picture of the affected skin using any handheld mobile device, upload the image by a simple button click. Analysis and recommendation will be available over mobile in the next few minutes. Skin conditions such as rash, a mole, coloration or even cancer etc. can be analyzed. In addition to recommendations, the application can also provide user useful information about healthcare according to the user query. It also supports the user to fix appointments with a nearby physician.
International implementation
India, United States of America
Ongoing from 09/07/2012 to 27/07/2017
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