Game changing innovation makes Biofertiliser Production very simple

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Game changing innovation makes Biofertiliser Production very simple
Biofertilisers in agriculture require no introduction. Live bacteria that colonise the plant roots and provide cheap source of nitrogen, solubilised Phosphorous and Potassium are symbiotic to plants and are alternatives to chemical fertilisers. Production of biofertilisers conventionally needs high cost infrastructure and skilled operators to ensure contamination free batches. Torocell technology using disposable plastic bags is a low cost, simple to use process producing concentrated bacterial cultures. A 30 L bag can produce equivalent of a 1000 litre SS vessel. Farmers can produce their own requirements. Villagers and women can be gainfully employed.
Local implementation: India, Andhra Pradesh
Ongoing from 01/11/2016 to 31/12/2017
Dr. Prasadarao gandlur Anupam Das

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