Pupin Memorial Project

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Ministry of Culture and Media
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Pupin Memorial Project
For the first time in history, we get the chance to meet in virtual reality with a person from the past and discuss the presence and the future. Pupin – Digital Memorial Project, which pays tribute to one of most significant telecommunications scientist, inventor and owner of many telecommunication patents, most known for his Long Distance Telephony, one of the founders of NASA, honorary professor of 18 world universities, winner of many scientific awards and medals etc. was designed with the idea to cultivate the truth about a scientist as inspiration to future generations. This project is actually the first museum exhibition in Serbia to use modern technology in order to make each of its segments interactive, and, for the first time in Serbian museology, introduces virtual reality technology. This use of new technologies is a unique attempt to bring information and knowledge about scientific and cultural heritage closer to wide audiences that are more keen to interactive technologies Visitors, when visiting this museum, will have the opportunity to explore the life story of this great man with his personal inputs and guidance.
International implementation
Ongoing from 29/05/2013 to 01/02/2037
Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia Telekom Serbia Corporation

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