The Program for the Calculation of Workers' Claims,

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Ministry of Justice of Turkey
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The Program for the Calculation of Workers' Claims,
Thousands of lawsuits are filed each year in the Labor Courts due to Receivables and Indemnity Claims arising from the connection between the Employer and the Employer. These cases are generally directed at the rights and claims of workers and the trial process takes a long time according to the scope of the case. In this process, it is necessary to prepare the expert report by different professional experts, due to the diversity of the sector in which the claimant worker works and the demanded items of receivables. Objections to this report are of great importance. Expert examination of objections to these reports can only be carried out in central courts located in the largest provinces. This increases the time of the judicial process excessively, increasing the workload of the central courts. To overcome these problems and speed up the judiciary, the Ministry of Justice has developed a Program for the Calculation of Workers' Claims, in which every Court Judge can obtain results in minutes. As a result of this system, a considerable amount of savings has been achieved in the judging costs and judging process.
National implementation: Turkey
Planned for future from 01/12/2016 to 17/02/2017

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