The Refuse Landfill Aerobic Ecological Restoration Technology

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World City Intelligence Engineering Technology Research Institute(Beijing)
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The Refuse Landfill Aerobic Ecological Restoration Technology
Hazardous waste is harmful to environment and human health if it is exposed to environment. Safe filling and burying is a necessary, but during the filling and burying process, there will be pollution generated. The design and the construction of hazardous waste landfill site require higher standards. Design of impermeable layer is the central issue. This paper summarized design and construction experience of hazardous wastes landfill sites in China,and the main points of design and construction were given to make hazardous wastes landfill location become really isolated from the biosphere in order to avoid secondary pollution.
National implementation: China
Completed from 01/01/2001 to 20/02/2017

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