Virgo. Safety device for the protection of operators working in risky environment

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Virgo. Safety device for the protection of operators working in risky environment
Virgo is the warning system for the personnel safety: designed to alert the team when a user is at danger. studied to be worn in three positions : shoulder, belt, chest. Through the use of audible and visible alarms the user can be easily and quickly found. Rugged, no matter the environment in which operates, the device will operate seamlessly in any extreme condition. Meets the standards IP67 - ATEX. Virgo is equipped with sensors and functions that can detect functional, physical and environmental abnormalities. The acquired data are transmitted over the network to the control center. Thanks to a 6-axis IMU (inertial module unit) is being monitored the operator's position : -All the extended abnormal positions (loss of verticality, immobility) are considered incidental events and generate an alarm -The ambient temperature is continuously monitored with automatic alarm signaling in the event of a threshold levels exceeding Virgo can be integrated with different modules : - iTemp : to control the temperature inside the PPE - DCode : for monitoring the heart rate and other vital parameters
National implementation: Italy
Ongoing from 15/02/2017 to 15/08/2017

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