Wearable Alternate Kidney

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Padmaseetha Technologies Private Limited
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Wearable Alternate Kidney
MIRACLE, A Wearable Alternate Kidney, envisions to empower the millions of renal patients worldover with a near normal lifestyle through a safe, affordable, CAPD dialysis. Patients in rural areas often have to travel many hours, for their dialysis, imposing a phenomenal burden on their time and costs. More than 90% of the patients give up hope and die unable manage the financial, clincial, psycological burden, leaving a devastating impact on their dependants. mCAPD, allows renal patients to carry out CAPD dialysis anytime, anywhere without a break from their work, and is accessible to patients located at even remote corners. Patients are always connected with their doctors through a cloud based patient management system, taking care of consulting, consumables and logistics in the most affordable manner. MIRACLE dialysis will bring down the cost per patient per month to less than US $ 200, a phenomenal 10x reduction from existing costs.
National implementation: India
Ongoing from 10/06/2014 to 15/08/2017
BIRAC Dept. of Biotechnology, Government of India GITA Ministry of Industrial Product and Promotion, Government of India IITMadras Incubation Cell MSME, Government of India - These agencies have provided grants for this effort to the tune of INR 1 Cr.

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