Albania National Geo-portal, MIPA

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Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration (MIPA)
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Albania National Geo-portal, MIPA
AL Geoportal
Geodesy, mapping and preparation of geographic information in digital form is spread among several agencies in Albania and access to up-to-data geographic information has been very limited. To address such issue, in 2013 the Government of Albania (GoA) established the National Authority for Geo spatial Information (ASIG). The primary goal of ASIG is permanent creation of National Infrastructure of Spatial Data (NSDI) in line with spatial data infrastructure in the European Union, by establishing mechanisms of cooperation with other institutions and organizations which are involved and are responsible in gathering, maintenance and distribution of geo spatial information, as well as monitoring and adjustment of work with the demands of primary users, groups and citizens. The overall goal of the National Geoportal is to ensure better services to users of improved public access to geographic information, as outlined in the e-Government plan for Albania.
National implementation: Albania
Ongoing from 30/05/2014 to 30/05/2017
National Authority for Geo-spatial Information (ASIG) Kartverket Norway All public bodies that enrich the Geo-portal with data

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